In a blog posted to the Huffington Post by Krystine Dinh titled Forget The Stereotypes, Know The Data — Marketing To Millennials Dinh encourages us to look at millennials as informed and charitable consumers.  In the article, Dinh chronicles several interesting statistics pertaining to generation y such as:

  • 21.7% are likely to use a      Mac
  • 23.2% are likely to follow      internet humor and culture
  • 58.8% are more likely to      have a graduate degree
  • 17.9% are more likely to      use a pay day loan

By discovering trends associated with the millennials we are presented insight into a well-informed group that is charitable and informed but also associates their identity with brands and operates with establishing shared media for social content in mind. Effective marketing to millennials begins with understanding the generation itself and not selling them short as consumers. Once that is accomplished, the introduction of an effective target marketing campaign with proper content into the proper media channels can begin. For other interesting information about generation Y trends be sure to check out Dinh’s blog via the above link.


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