An interesting article on yahoo news from September 21, 2013 titled Surgery Videos as an Online Medical Marketing Technique details how hospitals are using procedures as social media marketing. Recently Memorial Health Care System of Chattanooga Tennessee posted a free webcast giving viewers the opportunity to view operating room procedures. The webcast not only gave access to a patients open-heart surgery but also allowed the viewer to follow along be editing and narrating the video. In addition, viewers had the opportunity to live chat with the physician who performed the operation. Locally, the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children here in Orlando Florida  not only  allowed virtual access for a procedure requiring a 3-year old to receive a heart graft, they provided live updates via still images with commentary to various social media sights every ten minutes.

Plans to live stream such procedures rather than provide still photos or edited content after the procedure are in the works for the near future. Hospital administrator’s hope that the live content will be shared across social media to attract potential patients as well as illustrate professional confidence to other would be referring physicians. Potential patients are likely to share the content to inform others about the procedure they will endure and physicians are likely to share such content as learning tools and/or to establish best practices. This new form of marketing is in its infancy but looks to be gaining steam by providing a platform for physicians to demonstrate proficiency and establish credibility with professionals, prospective patients, and current patients while generating sharable content.


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