Medical Identity Theft, Too Easy to Commit

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Did you know someone can walk into a hospital with a fake ID with your name on it or your stolen ID and they can be treated? It’s as easy as that for someone to steal your identity and commit medical fraud. Although HIPAA does its best to protect private medical information, it actually can get in the way of helping someone deal with medical identity theft.

A perfect example of this is Anndorie Sachs. Her ID was stolen by a woman named Dorothy Bell Moran. Moran was a meth addict that was pregnant, so she stole Sach’s ID and went to a hospital in Utah to have the baby prematurely. It is child abuse in every state if a baby is born chemically-dependent. Knowing this Moran walked out soon after she had the baby. Unfortunately for Sachs, this was all under her name so she was the one getting charged with child abuse and her other four real children were at risk of being taken away.

This is a scary realization; thankfully Sachs was able to resolve most of the issue. However, because Moran still has privacy rights, Sach’s can’t look at her own medical record and remove the procedures actually given to Moran under her name. This happens to many people; medical identity theft occurs and then often the victim is left with the medical bills to pay for or legal fees to settle it. Employers can research medical history and credit and see unpaid medical bills and procedures that you didn’t even receive. An inaccurate medical file can be very dangerous, as well.

It is important that you keep a personal medical record yourself. Keeping track of this can save you in a legal situation. Also, if your ID is ever stolen, report it immediately.

Read more on medical identity theft at:–cms-1657


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