Several weeks back we did a blog on how to infuse new business into your practice by targeting retiring baby boomers and equally important is targeting the business of millennials. Abraham Whaley writes in his blog titled. 5 Vital Facts About Marketing Medical Services to Millennials by Greg Fawcett of Precision Marketing Partners that a one size fits all approach is out these days. Indeed, with three separate segments to market to, millennials, baby boomers, and everyone in between one must consider their overall marketing strategy.

As Whaley points out, millennials are better educated, enjoy more privilege and have access to greater technologies then any generation before them. With convince being the name of the game with this generation, a target marketing campaign imploring social media is necessary. The way we target millennials must also be upgraded to reflect a more health conscious and active lifestyle. Marketing for screenings, checkups and proactive measures can provide a boost in patient registrations by marketing services millennials seek the most.


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