What’s Missing from Most Healthcare Marketing Programs?

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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According to Dan Dunlop, there are many key elements missing from effective healthcare marketing programs. He believes there are 8 elements present for success.

  1. Patients – They should have more input and steer marketing directions
  2. Physicians – Physicians and healthcare marketers should explore new areas of relationships.
  3. Community building – Bringing the community together and educating them should be a top priority for marketers.
  4. Dialogue – Healthcare facilities and systems should be communicating regularly with each other and consumers.
  5. Integration – Communication should span across all departments, facilities, areas, and platforms. The more informed each aspect of the system us, the better the delivery.
  6. Online Video – Sometimes a visual can make all the difference; face to face interactions and instructions are replacing simple text.
  7. Wellness & Prevention – Preventative health is an important direction to start heading in for cost reduction and health increase.
  8. Segmentation – Catering to a heterogeneous audience requires operating on many platforms such as social media and other audience engagements.

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