The semantic web is the future of the internet and consequently, the future of marketing. The semantic web will allow the cross-application use of semantics to enable the user to find and share content more effectively. The system itself will be able to comprehend the user’s intention and compile relevant information to assist the user in accessing relevant and accessible content.  An article posted to Social Media Today by David Amerland titled Why Google+ Is Key to Your Semantic Web Marketing illustrates how the semantic web can influence your business in this emerging market.

Amerland states if you are not adjusting your marketing plan to integrate the use of the semantic web you may already be behind and infarct may be jeopardizing the future of your business. In the article, Amberland illustrates the three main reasons the integration of Google+  into your business marketing strategy can have a major impact are:

  1. The engagement generated by Google+ post and use of your social signal as a metric can reveal if your content is reaching the intended audience.
  2. Organic link building by providing valuable, sharable content can generate the spread of content leading to increased revenue.
  3. The establishment of a Google+ profile to measure the users reputation, lending credibility and value to the provided content.

Working with a marketing professional can ensure you are optimizing the return on your marketing strategy by ensuring the value and strategic placement of your content. While the World Wide Web may still look familiar to its origins, the integration of algorithms, social media platforms, and intuitive web engines has changed the way we access content. The semantic web is an indicator that the sheer volume of posts on the Web is no longer an indicator of exposure for your business and that today’s consumer is looking for valid, informative,  and sharable content that can lend more credibility to your business practice then any single advertisement can provide.


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