The selling of a small business such as a dental office may culminate in the closing of the sale with an acquired, qualified buyer in the final month of the process, the exit strategy to ensure a rapid sale at a maximized profit must be set in motion well in advance. Establishing a partnership with an expert marketing team can increase the exposure, customer base, and value of the business in the year prior to the sale. The positive effect on the company’s balance sheet can lead to a more profitable sale ensuring you have maximized the return on your professional and personal equity you have invested to grow a successful business.

A strategic partnership with a marketing firm in the month’s preceding the sale of your practice can increase your asking price by adding value to your business.  In a recent article published at Dentistry IQ, Aron Schulam writes of 5 surefire ways to increase your dental practice’s value before you sell that can help optimize your selling price and decrease time on the market. Schulam writes that with the help of a professional marketing company you can increase the company’s value by:

  • Updating, monitoring and managing the company website.
  • Increasing social media activity.
  • Marketing and obtaining new patients.
  • Updating the office to ensure a fresh, professional look.
  • Monitor and repair your online reputation.

A new professional look integrated into the website, social media, and location can attract a wider pool of buyers who are looking for an established practice that they can advance in today’s business climate.  Through the integration of modern technology such as social media, your practice can bridge the generation gap and ensure you are marketing to the next generation of clientele.  By allowing marketing professionals to enact your business exit strategy, you can concentrate on day-to-day operations creating a partnership that ensures maximum value upon the transfer of your business.


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