Smart phone technology has the ability to provide seamless information at the touch of our fingertips. No longer are we lost or uninformed as with the click of a button we can find directions, information, and navigate to local establishments in foreign neighborhoods with the ease of a local. Even with access to a computer people are relying on their smartphones, as there is no boot process, emails remain logged in, and typically remain at our fingertips. In fact, an article entitled Small Business Marketing: Optimizing for a Local Audience sites a recent Google study finding that 40% of mobile searches are local in nature.

While a search engine optimization strategy (SEO) is essential, it may lead you to be lost in a sea of national options if that strategy fails to localize. By installing the proper signals, you can ensure your company is taking advantage of the search engine ranking algorithms that lend priority to the searchers geographic location. For business such as law firms and medical practice, this can increase the chances of foot traffic and referrals by captivating the local target audience. To learn more about the path to local SEO success check out this article titled Visualizing Local SEO Success over at the Business to Community website.


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