Master Your Content Marketing Strategy and Master Your Market

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today’s consumer is able to navigate the internet with the speed and precision of a formula one driver, weaving around banner ads and pop ups in search of the extraction of concise and meaningful content.  Similarly, with the advent of devices such as the digital video recorder (DVR) the consumer is able to siphon unwanted information such as advertisements opting instead to perform strategic content extraction.  It is for this reason that content marketing is the top marketing trend for 2014.

Content marketing is the constant creation and curating of information designed to inform and engage a defined target audience without selling the audience themselves. Branded as “non-interruptive marketing”, content marketing is designed to provide the consumer with reputable and valuable content thereby increasing your reputation, building trust, and ultimately earning their business.

Content marketing works because:

1. Consumers are publishers – Once an interested consumer extracts valuable content, they are likely to share or forward to the information to other like-minded users, and so on it goes. Instead of the content coming from the business in the form of antiquated ads, the content passes from trusted source to trusted source, lending credibility to the business from within the target population.  In essence, you are marketing from the inside out.

2. Customers stay engaged – Consumers, particularly business consumers’ value time and for that reason will move rapidly sidestepping ads and uninformative webpages in search of valuable content.  Consumers dedicate sizably more time to pages with valuable content making it clear that they will trade a valuable commodity in the form of time for the valued content.

3.  It provides relevant content – The days of the one- track, one-size fits all marketing campaign is over. Content marketing is a way to “ditch the pitch” and allows fresh, relevant content to move constantly to the consumer as an informational / educational tool. This will build your company as a professional and credible source of information and drive consumers back to your website as a source of other information.  Antiquated marketing techniques can limit the scope of your message whereas content marketing provides fresh, changing content daily that consumers actually seek out!

For more information pertaining to the importance of content marketing check out this blog from Jason Grill in the August 29, 2013 Huffington Post entitled Content Marketing Is the New Black or check out the Content Marketing Institutes article entitled What Is Content Marketing.


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