Data from the Medical Group Management Association reports that over 50 percent of physicians are employed by health system organizations or an affiliate. With this trend occurring among health professionals the question presented to practitioners is whether to establish a facility or partner with a system.


As a practitioner within a healthcare system there is minimal concern regarding compensation as the system assures remittance for patient care. Healthcare systems also eliminate administrative aggravation for physicians as matters of payroll and contracts are handled by skilled health professionals within specific departments. Lastly, a practitioners’ compensation is usually greater within a system than a private practice.


The absence of control can present challenges for practitioners as decisions of policy, procedure and compensation are controlled by a system-wide authority. Moreover, the adoption of new metrics and technology may present challenges for the practitioner having to adjust.

Here are some ways to determine what is best for you:

–          Talk to your colleagues as far as what would be best for you based off their personal experiences.

–          Do some self-reflection to determine if the viewpoints of the system are in alignment with your personal goals.

–          Ensure job security, compensation, and a sustainable retirement is in place with the healthcare facility before making any drastic decisions.

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