Finally, officially done with my masters and proud of it!  I’ve been super busy getting HART incorporated ready for new clients and finishing my course duties.  Thankfully, I have been blessed with some fantastic press lately!

Orlando Medical News has published my article about workplace wellness: (Pg 17)

Now that I will have more time to grow HART incorporated and to service new clients, I am super excited about the future.  In tribute to new beginnings… here are a few of my fave workouts to get anyone back on track after a slight lapse of their regularly scheduled program 🙂


  • I live for the cross jack!
  • Balance work makes every exercise more challenging and a better overall experience for full body results!
  • Mixing a fusion of cardio with core, pilates and yoga moves is a great way to have an efficient workout without living at the gym.

No excuses- this workout can be done in comfort of your home!


  • Working out on your own body weight is one of the most functional/ safest ways to work out.
  • Anything with the plank makes me happy 🙂
  • Although not for everyone, plyometrics is hands down my love for long-lasting results and big body burn!

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