Top 5 items in your fridge that should be thrown away immediately!

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Thanks to the over consumption of naughty items such as farmed meat and dairy products, and processed meats, we have all become mis-informed about the dangers and lack of benefit of many staple foods in our fridge and pantry. Looking to spend the second half of the year getting into a healthier lifestyle?

Walk to your fridge right now… and throw out the following items:

  1. Dairy
  2. Mayo
  3. Ketchup
  4. Butter/Margarine
  5. Juice and Soda

The main tie between all of these products is their over-processing while manufactured, poor ingredients (hello sugar, high fructose corn syrup and lactose!?), and overall detriment to your healthier eating habits!

Think about this… there is absolutely NO purpose for butter/magarine/lard in any food, snack, item that is consumed.  There is no health benefit, and there are other ways to make food tasty (like herbs and seasonings!)

Think about this… soda- EVEN diet soda causes you to overeat, makes you gassy, and adds hundreds of calories to your diet without even filling you up!

Think about this… have you ever had a tummy ache after eating something with lactose or dairy?  If not, have you ever thought about why you had a tummy ache?  As many as 80-90% of people could have some level of lactose intolerance.  That’s because we are not made to consume mass quantities of poorly raised and badly fed animals.

So…. what on earth should you eat?  Stay tuned, next blog post will have tips on super-foods to add to your diet as quickly as you threw this stuff away 🙂

Questions?  Comment and ask!


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