5 ways to enjoy your workout, get motivated and stay in the gym longer!

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ever had one of those moments that you dread?  You know you need to workout for the day, but you lack the drive, focus or simply just aren’t feeling up to it…. That’s okay!   Here are a few tips to keep you engaged and compliant.

These tips really work- just ask my amazing husband who lost over 100 lbs (and kept if off 2 years and counting!) on his own doing these very things 🙂

  • Make a workout playlist with some of your fave songs!
  • Utilize high-energy songs with 120 and up beats per min (bpm)… this will keep you moving and give you some needed momentum during cardio exercises especially
  • Take a group exercise class.. it doesn’t need to be at a gym- take a boxing class, dance class, or try a running club
  • Set an alarm clock to go off each day/time that you desire to workout… it’s an accountability source and great way to make working out a habit
  • Make it social- find a fitness friend, workout partner or personal trainer that you look forward to training with… make it your new “happy hour”

Here are a few tips for creating a music based workout experience (something I swear by in choreography my group classes!):

For most people, a power walk would involve 125-135 musical beats per minute

135-145 BPM works for an elliptical workout or an easy jog.

Above 150 BPM puts you in the running zone


What keeps you in the gym a little longer, working a little harder, or pumping heavier???



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