5 Tips to Keep You Out of the Kitchen and Your Tummy Full all at the same time :)

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“You don’t have to be a master chef (like my sister Kathy) to create delicious meals.”  

The best news is, these days you don’t need to be a health and fitness fanatic (like me) to eat healthy and often!

I love to cook… but I don’t like to spend my entire day doing so!  Here are some tips to keep cooking productive, delicious, healthy and still quick!

1. Buy Meat in Bulk (ask my husband… I buy anything I can in bulk, especially if it is a good deal!)

2. Keep Produce Fresh Longer (using the fridge to keep certain produce fresher longer certainly works wonders, however some be sure that for ripeness and taste you are determining which need to in and which out)

3. Embrace Cubism (My sister lives by the idea that anything can be preserved and used for different meals… wine, juice, sauce, broth anything)

4. Rescue Leftovers (see my recipe for a quick brunch using leftovers… i use leftovers for everything!)

5. Shop Like a Chef (healthy living takes effort, make it easy on yourself by keeping the good stuff readily available)

Now get rid of your restaurant addiction and get into the kitchen!

Check out my sister’s blog for some F-A-B recipes:  http://mothermayhave.org/

Also, check out my friend Jen’s blog for her lastest creations: http://www.imagastronome.com

Some other great recipe blogs on the web:






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