Let’s get to the “core” of the problem… Best exercises for abs!

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Who doesn’t need or want to improve their core strength?!  The mid-section is by far my favorite body part to work… it’s our powerhouse, all major movements stem from the core.  What better way to make our core fitter and stronger than with some proven, no frills exercises… Here are some of my faves from the folks at Fitness Mag:

  • The 100 (love all Pilates moves but this is one of the simplest to do.. with fab results!)
  • Plank (and every variation- prone, side and all around)
  • Ballet twist (I call this the Lazy Susan lol- can be done while watching tv!)
  • Cobra (yoga based move and a great stretch as well… bonus!)

Here’s the key to a stronger core: It doesn’t need to hurt or be over-worked… consistency is key!  The abdominal muscles are rarely over worked.  Core should be done for about 15-30 before or after every workout!



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