When will it be time to take some personal responsibility for our health and wellness?!  Rather than searching for a quick fix, we should all be committed to learning better health habits… implementing better nutritional choices, regular exercise and more awareness of our complete health is the answer- NOT a pill!

Lorcaserin is the latest in a group of possible new obesity drugs that the FDA could allow to be produced in the American pharmaceutical market.  It has been some time since a drug for obesity has been approved (ahem Fen-Fen!?).  Perhaps there should be less research and development efforts and funding put into quick fixes and more into building wellness programs and working towards diet and exercise adherence.

It can be so difficult to stick to new healthier habits… but there is no reason to over simply this need for change.  Life change is worthwhile, health habits are tough to overcome, but it is imperative to find ways that actually address the issue at hand: rising obesity epidemic and an under-engaged community!

Not only does this new potential product have considerable risks to those who would take the obesity drug, there would not be a need for controversial weight loss drug- the BEST way to lose weight?

Balanced nutrition, consistent exercise, and regular health check-ups and preventive tactics… there’s nothing better 🙂

All that being said, I know it’s difficult to overcome issues with weight, self image and diet.  Keep reading, start a wellness program, comment/email any questions!  I’m happy to help!



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