After a few days off to relax and get away with my husband to celebrate my birthday, I’m glad to be back- a little older and a lot wiser after this recent article I read about the toxic effects of eating foods without a full understanding of what is in them.  Consider chicken- a household staple for many homes in America:

Have you ever considered for a moment what goes into the production of that chicken from the farm the animal is raised on, to the day you purchase at your local grocery store?
If not, you may want to!  The FDA has never been one for being very open to sharing the truths of food (especially meat and dairy) manufacturing in America.  Sadly, when one does delve into the topic, I often find it is a source of contention.  Should the in-humane, careless tactics of raising food and animals on the basis of consumption be exposed?  It sure should!  
We have all heard about issues with salmonella, e-coli and other food borne illness.  But have we ever considered how toxic the standard operating procedures of food may be?  
If you have ever wanted to understand better why food can be more helpful than harmful to our health, or vice versa depending on our food choices…. Check out this article outlining the FDA finally admitting to arsenic (poison) being in the chickens we regularly buy and eat.
Any interest in learning more about questionable food practices?
Check out these great reads:
Omnivores Dilemma- Michael Pollen
In defense of food- Michael Pollen
Skinny B*tch- Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin 
Mindless Eating- Brian Wansink
Fantastic movies on the topic:
Food Inc
Forks over Knives
Supermarket inc
Supersize me

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